My little Warcraft Fantasy; Labasstd

September 22, 2006 at 12:05 am (Great Sex, sex)

My little Warcraft Fantasy

The mistress came over to do her homework; I had signed up to play a little Warcraft before I had known she was coming over so I had logged in to play for about an hour. It was an Onxyia raid and we had 40 people ready and waiting to take out the biggest dragon in the game.

While I was waiting for the raid to start, I noticed the mistress had walked in from the bedroom, wearing only her shirt and her panties. Before I could say anything she sat softly on my lap and slowly moved down to the floor rubbing my cock with her ass.

She continued to tease me until the raid started.  Thats then she started to go down on me.

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You were there . . .

September 21, 2006 at 7:02 am (erotica, Great Sex, Just one)

Today when I got home, you were there.

I looked at you and though about what I wanted to do to you.

First, I would sit you down on my couch kneeling in front of you and smiling up at you like you were my own personal god.

I would take off my shirt exposing my bare breast, by this time i am already wet and so eager to feel you to let you touch me all over. My breast want to be touched and tease and tasted.

I would take off your shirt, exposing your hairy chest running my fingers through it feeling you quiver as my finger nails tease you and tickle your body. I lean up and kiss you lips moving to your neck and run them over your skin so you can just feel the moisture and the needing in my breathing. I whisper in your ear “I need you, I want you, and now I am going to make you . . . mine.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Tanya’s Tongue

September 17, 2006 at 9:50 pm (erotica)

Tanya’s Tongue
by Thomas Roche
“Take off your clothes and lie down,” said Tanya, “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I looked warily at my girlfriend. She had that devilish smile that told me her surprise would be decidedly naughty, which was both a temptation and a cause for caution. I had enjoyed Tanya’s naughty treats many times. The blowjob in the back of her parents’ car on a four-hour road trip as her mother hummed along with Burt Bacharach in the front seat. The unexpectedly ecclesiastical spanking when I was dressed up like a medieval monk for Renaissance Faire. The stripper she’d gotten me for my birthday.

But even though Tanya never went too far, when she had that mischievous look on her fine-boned face, I always wondered with some trepidation what was in store for me.

I had just come in from raking the yard, while Tanya sat inside surfing the Internet. She was supposed to be working, but who can work on a crisp fall afternoon when it’s sixty-five degrees outside but there’s that pregnant chill in the air that says it’s soon going to be much colder? Those last moments of St. Whatever’s Summer beckon to you for a final summer frolic before you batten down the hatches for winter, and in Minnesota you’d better heed that call. Tanya had taught me that.

She always left the windows open when she worked on the little laptop in our bedroom, and that pregnant chill had worked its way throughout the air of our little one-bedroom cottage.

Tanya put her arms around me and nuzzled her face against my neck. “Come on,” she said. “I promise I won’t bite.”

Perhaps this would just be another garden-variety blowjob, which was, without exception, never garden-variety when Tanya was involved. She lived to suck cock; she had an oral fixation that was, at times, scary. I had experienced the benefits of Tanya’s oral fixation many times, and I knew that whatever she planned to do with her mouth it would definitely be interesting.

“Promise?” I asked her. “Promise you won’t bite?”

“Well,” she sighed. “Maybe just a little.”

That certainly wasn’t enough to dissuade me.

“All right,” I said. “But I’m closing the windows.”

“Of course you are,” she cooed. “Because you’re going to be naked for the rest of the afternoon.”

“We need to go to the grocery store,” I said.

“I got your groceries right here,” growled Tanya, a little edge creeping into her voice. “Take off your clothes.”

I’ll admit, I’m easy to persuade when there’s a hungry mouth breathing warm sex against my ear. I pressed my lips to Tanya’s and felt her tongue seething against mine as she unbuckled my belt. Read the rest of this entry »

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Top things I would like to do/ fantasies about:

September 14, 2006 at 10:58 pm (sex)

1. Another girl and the lab assistant with me.

2. Watching another girl do it with Lab assistant D

3. Doing it in public, I have done it in several public places but more is always better.

4. Anal sex, I have never done it and it is a fantasy of mine (although I am scared, ouch!)

5. Full blown slave girl, like an entire weekend.

6. Making you my bitch, being completely dominate.

7. Sex on camera

8. Sex other people watch, either live or via web cam

9. Having super sexy pictures of me published on the web, probably wearing a mask or hiding my face ( I would like to keep my identity a secret)

10. Schoolgirl/ Professor fantasy, I want to get better grades without studying

11. Sex at work, I would like to play out a fantasy where my boss fucks me and punishes me for bad behavior

12. Have sex with another girl, while being directed

13. Strippers, three way lap dances, watching her dance for you, you watching her dance for me. Giving you head in the vip room while she dances for us

14. Sex infront of other people

15. 4-some (MMFF) (FFFM) (FFFF)

16. Being bound

17. Binding

18. Sex between a patient with a doctor or nurse.

19. Sex in a place where a person might be caught in the act

20. Being taken against your will

21. Trying any and all sexual positions

22. Sex in Every State

23. Sex on a boat

24. Sex on the beach

25. Sex on a trampoline

26. costumes

27. Sex in a changing room

28. latex
Reply with some of your ideas, maybe I will work them in

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Friday Night

September 12, 2006 at 9:49 pm (Great Sex, sex)

Friday, what a great day. For most it’s the last work day, and for all it’s the beginning of the weekend.

My friday was a particularly fantastic one, I was asked to shaparone a party at some friends of ours house for thier teenage daughters after prom. Lab assistant D escorted me to the party and he was feeling rather sassy, the entire way to the party he was talking back to me and just being out of order. So once we arived at the party location, I firmly warned him that his attitude was going to stop or I would have to take him home and put him in his place. So from that point he straightened up, we had a great time at the party we drank some beer, took a really gross shot, and I smoked a little pot. It was a good time, once all the kids had left the house and we had a few more beers I decied it was time to go.

So we packed into the truck and headed off for the house. Once we got here we took care of normal things and then off to the bedroom. He walked up to me and started kissing me grabbing the back of my head, and his hand started to undo the belt of my pants. Once he had them on the floor he grabed my tshirt and pulled it over my head, exposing a fantastic lepard print bra. Then he sat down on the bed looking at me, he just paused. So I walked up to him and started to kiss him sucking on his ear and rubbing my hands all over his body. I eagerly took off his shirt exposing his wonderfully hairy chest, I know that a lot of girls my age don’t or say they don’t like hair on men but I say isn’t that what makes them men. I push him down on the bed and take his pants off too, I get on top of him and start kissing him. I sit back and let my nails trail throughout the hair on his chest, along the contours of his body, up and down his sides, all the way down his legs coming back up via his inner thigh. Finally letting them flicker ever so gentally over his balls, and then I grab his penis with my hand and start to massage it. I start by getting it all lubed up so I put the entire thing in my mouth all the way down to the base and get his cock all wet then I take one hand and cup his balls and gently play with them while my other hand is moving up and down his shaft with my signiture handjob move. Read the rest of this entry »

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Outcall confessional #2

September 8, 2006 at 12:19 am (Great Sex, Just one)

So my cable is still not hooked up, the only option for entertaining myself is porn. Which is great, I love to watch it and I love getting off so it’s the perfect entertainment option. I recently signed up for a great porn service offered by it’s a porn rental, think net flicks. The most recent of my DVD’s I got was called Outcall Confessional #2, it started some fantastically beautiful women which makes it all worth the rental and I got off three times with during the first two scenes which needless to say is were I stopped. So delightfully I have more new porn to watch when I get done working out tonight!

After dinner, I shut up all the windows and closed the blinds I got out my collection of toys because you never know how you want to be stimulated and I put in the new porn. The opening scene is just talking so it started off a little slow, setting a plot. I like plot and it was interesting although a little far fetched, female lawyer starts escort business but it still has one. Then it starts introducing the clients, the first one is a guy who likes to call the two hot girls in the scene whores. One of the girls is a very hot brunette with some decent fake tits and a tight body. The other girl is a gorgeous blond with a little bit of weight on her but a fantastic set of real tits. This scene got me hot almost right away with the dirty name calling and the hair pulling, I was thinking this is right up my ally I can feel my pussy start to get juicy. Then something really cool happens this guy in the porn picks the brunette up and starts eating her pussy while standing up and getting head from the hot blond, I thought it was really cool. While watching this beautiful blond take it with her fantastic breast bouncing around, and her eating the puss of the other girl I could stand it any more and grabbed my green eager beaver and turned it on full blast, while laying on my stomach with my ass in the air I started pumping it in and out of my dripping wet cunt. I was rubbing and playing with my nipple and in less than a minute my entire body was shaking with orgasmic spasms. Read the rest of this entry »

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Secretary’s Day

September 7, 2006 at 6:58 pm (Great Sex)

Secretary’s Day
by LabAsstD. 
26 April 2006

The mistress and I started a little secretary’s day tradition this year. I figured I would blog about it as my first post. 

The day started off at work she looked absolutely ravishing. She had on a cute white top and a sexy black skirt which I later found out was very similar to the outfit used in the movie Secretary.

Soon after walking in the door she made it very clear to me that she was not wearing any panties. I played with her for a few minutes while she sat on my desk being careful to look out for coworkers walking by. She only let me play for a minute, just enough to drive me crazy for the rest of the day. All I could think of is her and how sexy she was.

Somehow I endured the day and finally that evening the real fun began.

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The First of Many

September 2, 2006 at 12:31 am (Great Sex)

So after a fantastic night of drinking and flirting, I find myself in a car by one of my favorite lakes in the area with an amazing man. It’s cold outside so we are standing close to each other looking at the stars over the partially frozen lake. Then I look up into his eyes, I can see the hesitation but I can also see the need. He wants to kiss me but he hesitates. So I lean upward and kiss him, how could I not it was most defiantly the most romantic moment I had ever experienced. The kiss was long and hard it was one of those kisses like in the movies, when you know that both of you have been holding in the need for each other for way too long.

Shortly we find ourselves in his small car making out, and so I lean over and pull out his rock hard cock. I go down on him all the way taking the full thing deep into my throat, and then I start working it up and down back and forth pumping it with my hand and licking it from base to tip.

He pulls me away from my fun with his cock and starts to take off my pants while exposing my breast to the cold air coming through the car windows, and then he makes me lay on my back and starts licking my dripping wet pussy. He licks up all my juices and starts playing with my clit, it was such an amazing feeling. After about ten minutes of that I couldn’t stand it any longer I needed to feel his rock hard cock inside my pussy, Read the rest of this entry »

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What happens in The Lab

August 31, 2006 at 10:51 pm (Great Sex)

Last night I had my friend KT and her boyfriend Ryan over for a porn and vacuuming party, it was fun we all had some drinks and watched some decent porn and two really really bad porn. So around 12:30 I sent everyone on their way and called it a night. Grabbed the sleepy puppy and headed to be, alas I fell asleep quickly and woke up around 5:30ish needing a glass of water desperately! So I just laid there and stared at the ceiling trying to get back to sleep without my water, as I started to doze off I heard a noise. Oh god! It was someone fucking with my front door. I start thinking to myself “shit, I’m naked and I am going to have to shank someone in the nude, Fuck, Fuck” the noise stops. ” Are they in?” by this time I am out of bed and have my nifty emergency window breaking tool to beat them in the head with and stab their eyes. Then a new noise, someone tripped over the box kept by the front door, and I hear “honey it’s me I brought you breakfast.” As I take a deep breath I think wow I have the sweetest boyfriend in the entire world.Considering it was now 6 am, a time I would rather be going to bed than getting up from bed, he got naked and got in bed with me. We cuddled for a minute but neither of us can we naked in a bed together without have to get down. So we start kissing each other, and he rolls on top of me and starts licking and sucking on my neck and ears in this way that only he knows how to. Which almost automatically makes me moan and start to get wet, he moves down and starts to lick and nibble on my nipples. I love it when my breast are played with, bitten, nibbled on, licked, sucked, or grabbed in general. With his naked body rubbing up against mine this entire time I was ready. I was juicy and wet, and ready to be fucked. Read the rest of this entry »

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