What are you doing tonight!

October 18, 2006 at 1:12 am (erotica)

D: we should go have sex like RIGHT now,

mistress: oh ok

mistress: RIGHT now

D: RIGHT now

D: i wanna you to jump on my cock and ride it

mistress: oh god

mistress: ok let’s go my appartment is only 5 minutes from here

D: you could just bounce on top of it and grind on it and molest it with your pussy

D: until you got all wet and juicy and wanted to cum all over it

D: and explode in pleasure

mistress: yea, then i could lick all my juices off your cock

D: yea

D: and then id push your face into the bed and fuck you from behind like a dirty little slut and make you moan in pleasure until im ready to cum all over your face.

mistress: I can’t wait to get you home, I have been thinking about you for days

mistress: I need to feel you cock inside of me

D: yea?

mistress: yea

D: =)

D: can u imagine what i could do to you to this song? i could ram my cock into you with the beat. harder and harder just like the girls and the powertools.

[16:11] D: except it would be your powertool.

mistress: I can only imagine

mistress: i am getting wet already

D: hunny you think your wet now, wait till i get my hands on you

mistress: d stop, i can’t concetrate

D: you wont be able to do anything but convolse from the orgasm i giv you

mistress: oh really

D: yea

D: So, am I able to massage your pussy with my tounge after work?

D: where u saying oh hells yes to me?

mistress: no i was not

D: oh

mistress: but we will see, what I allow you to do after work

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