Renaissance Fantasy Part One

September 27, 2006 at 3:12 am (erotica, sex)

When I woke up this morning, I took a deep breath clean fresh crisp fall air.  It was the first day off fall.  Just that one breath of air made me warm all over, I moved back the covers slowly to feel the cool air rush over my naked body. I new what would make the impending day better, so I reached into my drawer and got my bullet.  I proceeded to play out a fantasy of my friend Cali and me in my head leading up to a most enjoyable orgasm.

Cali arrived at my house around ten, we had some breakfast and coffee then proceeded to get dressed.  Our destination today was one of my favorite places ever . . . the renaissance festival.  So we start with loose renaissance dresses and we add the corsets.  My underdress is off white cotton color with a satin bone corset that lifts my boobs to my chin and cinches my waist to a tiny unnatural size it leaves me literally breathless.  Cali has a navy blue dress with a plain black corset, it makes her milky white breast look amazing.  Once I have cinched her until I hear her squeal and tie it off I turn her around and firmly kiss her red stained lips.  Kissing her nick and ears, nuzzling and kissing her cleavage.  She gasped, so I lifted up her skirt and realized we both forgot our petty coats.  I pulled back her pussy lips and started gently caressing her clit with my tongue working my way down to her wet hole and back up, licking every centimeter not missing a drop.  I could hear her breathing change and I could feel her becoming more moist.  So I entered her, first with one finger working it in and out until I could easily slide two into her.  I explore her insides pushing against the different textures and finding the most sensitive of spots.  While I am doing this I start to flicker my tongue faster and faster against her clit.  I had done this many times so I knew what to do for her, shortly she exploded cumming so strongly it dripped down my hand and wrist.  She then took my hand in her mouth and licked it clean before sharing a deep kiss with me.

With Cali taken care of we hoped in the car and headed out to the fair.  During our short ride out there we teased each other as always, being that both of us have sex drives of 18 year old boys.  She played with my pussy while I was driving and I her’s while we were at stop lights.  Once we arrived we headed directly toward the tavern for mead, after two or three glasses and a dance around the tavern we headed out to see the rest of the festival.  Glass in hand we made out way through the crowd, of course being stopped by every young and old renaissance man who needed to know our names.

We made our way to the jousting pit, and that is were I saw him of course she saw him too.  We both pointed him out at the same time, he was tall with dark brown hair and stunning blue eyes.  We both giggled, knowing what was coming next.  We decided I would approach him first, so Cali and I parted ways knowing were we were going to meet back up.  I walked next to him and pretended to trip into him, he caught me hand right on breast just as I had planned it.  He was terribly embarrassed.  So I explained that he could buy me some mead to make up for it and the two of us were off to the tavern.

After we were seated and drinking the mead I could see that he was as interested as I was.  So as soon as we had finished I suggested we go somewhere a little funnier and quieter, he agreed.  I took him to the back exit, it lead into the woods and no one ever used this exit probably because there was no entrance there.  We headed out the door and away from the festival until it was just a little background noise for us.  I pushed him up against a tree and dropped to my knees, unzipping his pants and taking his hard cock into my mouth.  He almost said something then just gave his body over to the feeling of my mouth bobbing and weaving on his dick.  It took him no time to cum in my mouth, and then I heard him gasp and reach down to pull me up.

When I stood up and turned around she was standing right there so I grabbed her around the waist and shared his cum out of my mouth with her.  Cali smiled at him and asked if he wanted to join us for more.

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