Debbie Does Dallas

September 27, 2006 at 2:40 am (Great Sex, Porn)

So I have never seen the original film, and only now have I seen the “new” edition.  I found it to be entertaining.  Not really erotic, it didn’t get my pussy all juicy wet like most porn does.  I thought it would be good to watch with a group of people while having some beers and joking about the bad acting.

The good side of the movie was the multi angle feature, which allows you to control the angle from which you view the fucking.  This is a new thing for me considering I’m not really good with technology D had to show me how to use it. 

I thought Debbie was cute, she had a nice pussy.  But there was 1) too much plot 2) too much of her mother 3) too much of her not cute friend.

Honestly we didn’t finish it, we got to the part were Debbie’s mom tells the owner of the team Debbie is his daughter and they start fucking, on a side note I find that discussing.  From that point we popped in Back Seat Driver #2, which is just fucking scenes with no plat.  From that point my slightly moist pussy became dripping wet.

I found myself laying on my stomach on the bed naked, after about 10 minutes of watching my lab assistant propped himself between my legs and he started fingering and licking my pussy.  This was the first time I have ever been given head while laying on my stomach.  It took a couple of minutes but when I orgasmed it was unlike normal ordinary orgasms it was a toe curling, hip rocking un believable orgasm.

Just as soon as I finished orgasming, the lab assistant enters me.  This is one of my favorite things in the world, I love being fucked when my pussy is dripping wet tight and still convulsing from an orgasm.  And just as he starts fucking me this great lesbian fucking scene comes on.  Now we are doggie style on the bed watching these two lesbians fucking each other.  D grabs my hair and pulls my head back.

“I would do anything for you.  You know that right?”

“Yes” I gasp feeling the rush of over stimulation.

Still holding my hair he directs my face toward the tv.

“I would even let you do that. You could eat and fuck her pussy while I watch you.  Would you like that?”

“Oh yes,” I reply “Would you join us if we ask you to?” 

At this point the conversation trailed into his moaning and then he pumped me full of cum.  It felt amazing.

When he finished he layed on me, I love to feel the heat of his body the damp skin to skin feeling.  I rolled over to look into his eyes, and then we started kissing.  Starting the process all over again.

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