My little Warcraft Fantasy; Labasstd

September 22, 2006 at 12:05 am (Great Sex, sex)

My little Warcraft Fantasy

The mistress came over to do her homework; I had signed up to play a little Warcraft before I had known she was coming over so I had logged in to play for about an hour. It was an Onxyia raid and we had 40 people ready and waiting to take out the biggest dragon in the game.

While I was waiting for the raid to start, I noticed the mistress had walked in from the bedroom, wearing only her shirt and her panties. Before I could say anything she sat softly on my lap and slowly moved down to the floor rubbing my cock with her ass.

She continued to tease me until the raid started.  Thats then she started to go down on me.

It was like a fantasy come true.
I wanted to grab her right there and push her down over the desk and fuck her like never before, it took everything I had not too but I resisted.

I wanted to finish this fantasy and see what would happen next. Sometimes its better not to be in control and just let things unfold on their own. I am very glad I waited, it felt great; I could think of nothing but her, I could barely even focus on the game anymore.

As I watched she took me all the way in her mouth. I really didn’t think this could get any better than this. I was wrong.

As the guild begins to charge the massive dragon Onyxia, the Mistress looked up at me with cock in hand. She asked if I would like her to take off her panties and ride me.

Yes! I mumbled in pleasure as we began the attack. 

I watched her ass as it bounced up and down on me, she was very wet, I could see it dripping down my very hard cock. I took off her shirt as I scrambled to target the dragon to assist my guild in its raid and begin my attack. I didn’t want to play the game, I just wanted to focus all on her, but I had to help my friends. In the dark I could see the silhouette of her breasts against my computer screen as she bounced up and down on top of me; I could hear her pleasure every time I went deeper in. She continued to ride me hard as we continued to fight. I tried my best to concentrate on the game, I grasped the mouse and tried to fire off some commands on the keyboard. Onxyia was down. Everyone else cheered for the sucessful win while I had other plans. I immediately grabbed her by her waist and made her fuck me even harder. She moved back and forth on top of me until I came all over inside her. My orgasm was powerful and loud.

She went into the bedroom and waited for me as I collected my loot from Onxyia. I finally got my Black Dragon Sinew that I’ve waited months for. I didn’t care much about waiting around. I logged off and ran to the bedroom to show her how much she turned me on.

The sex I have with her turns me on more and more every day. Everything about her is hot, her body, her attitude, her ass, tits, lips, hair, smell, everything. She is perfect. After she made me cum in the chair she waited in the bedroom for me we played around a while before she gave me the biggest orgasm I have ever had. It was so good my body seized up and I almost hit her with the headboard. She did this too me twice last night, it was really fun. 

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