You were there . . .

September 21, 2006 at 7:02 am (erotica, Great Sex, Just one)

Today when I got home, you were there.

I looked at you and though about what I wanted to do to you.

First, I would sit you down on my couch kneeling in front of you and smiling up at you like you were my own personal god.

I would take off my shirt exposing my bare breast, by this time i am already wet and so eager to feel you to let you touch me all over. My breast want to be touched and tease and tasted.

I would take off your shirt, exposing your hairy chest running my fingers through it feeling you quiver as my finger nails tease you and tickle your body. I lean up and kiss you lips moving to your neck and run them over your skin so you can just feel the moisture and the needing in my breathing. I whisper in your ear “I need you, I want you, and now I am going to make you . . . mine.”

I unzip your pants and remove them throwing them to the side. Starting at you thigh by your knee I slowly lick my way up. Meandering like a great river, building your anticipation feeling how worked up your getting as I come closer and closer to your throbbing hard cock. When I get close enough for you to feel my breath against it, i lift up your balls with my hand and start to massage them with my tongue before I take each one in my mouth and flicker them with my tongue massaging each one with my mouth. Licking farther up your shaft from there I finally reach the head, and I engulf the entire thing. Swallowing your entire cock down to the shaft, taking the whole thing in with delight. Moving up and down on your cock, back and forth, faster and slower, working up your impending orgasm. Until you can not stand it any more. You reach for me.

Pulling me away from your cock you command that I take off my panties, so I slip them down under my short plaid skirt. I am left standing in front of you my hair in pig tails, nothing on except for my black mary jane shoes and my plaid mini skirt. My full and perky breast longing to be tormented and pinched. My breath coming so hard now you think I am surly getting off on this. You command me to get on top of you and ride you facing the other direction so you can watch my plump ass moving up and down on your cock just under my skirt.

As I ride your cock with my ass facing you, you reach around and start stroking my clit. Almost immediately you can feel the convulsions start to happen in my pussy. I am about to cum, all over your cock. You keep rubbing and I keep riding. Then it happen I explode all over your cock my back arches out as I make one last and ultimate rub against your fingers, then you cum inside of me and I can feel your body shooting my pussy full of your cum.

I wish you were there. . .


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