Top things I would like to do/ fantasies about:

September 14, 2006 at 10:58 pm (sex)

1. Another girl and the lab assistant with me.

2. Watching another girl do it with Lab assistant D

3. Doing it in public, I have done it in several public places but more is always better.

4. Anal sex, I have never done it and it is a fantasy of mine (although I am scared, ouch!)

5. Full blown slave girl, like an entire weekend.

6. Making you my bitch, being completely dominate.

7. Sex on camera

8. Sex other people watch, either live or via web cam

9. Having super sexy pictures of me published on the web, probably wearing a mask or hiding my face ( I would like to keep my identity a secret)

10. Schoolgirl/ Professor fantasy, I want to get better grades without studying

11. Sex at work, I would like to play out a fantasy where my boss fucks me and punishes me for bad behavior

12. Have sex with another girl, while being directed

13. Strippers, three way lap dances, watching her dance for you, you watching her dance for me. Giving you head in the vip room while she dances for us

14. Sex infront of other people

15. 4-some (MMFF) (FFFM) (FFFF)

16. Being bound

17. Binding

18. Sex between a patient with a doctor or nurse.

19. Sex in a place where a person might be caught in the act

20. Being taken against your will

21. Trying any and all sexual positions

22. Sex in Every State

23. Sex on a boat

24. Sex on the beach

25. Sex on a trampoline

26. costumes

27. Sex in a changing room

28. latex
Reply with some of your ideas, maybe I will work them in

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