Friday Night

September 12, 2006 at 9:49 pm (Great Sex, sex)

Friday, what a great day. For most it’s the last work day, and for all it’s the beginning of the weekend.

My friday was a particularly fantastic one, I was asked to shaparone a party at some friends of ours house for thier teenage daughters after prom. Lab assistant D escorted me to the party and he was feeling rather sassy, the entire way to the party he was talking back to me and just being out of order. So once we arived at the party location, I firmly warned him that his attitude was going to stop or I would have to take him home and put him in his place. So from that point he straightened up, we had a great time at the party we drank some beer, took a really gross shot, and I smoked a little pot. It was a good time, once all the kids had left the house and we had a few more beers I decied it was time to go.

So we packed into the truck and headed off for the house. Once we got here we took care of normal things and then off to the bedroom. He walked up to me and started kissing me grabbing the back of my head, and his hand started to undo the belt of my pants. Once he had them on the floor he grabed my tshirt and pulled it over my head, exposing a fantastic lepard print bra. Then he sat down on the bed looking at me, he just paused. So I walked up to him and started to kiss him sucking on his ear and rubbing my hands all over his body. I eagerly took off his shirt exposing his wonderfully hairy chest, I know that a lot of girls my age don’t or say they don’t like hair on men but I say isn’t that what makes them men. I push him down on the bed and take his pants off too, I get on top of him and start kissing him. I sit back and let my nails trail throughout the hair on his chest, along the contours of his body, up and down his sides, all the way down his legs coming back up via his inner thigh. Finally letting them flicker ever so gentally over his balls, and then I grab his penis with my hand and start to massage it. I start by getting it all lubed up so I put the entire thing in my mouth all the way down to the base and get his cock all wet then I take one hand and cup his balls and gently play with them while my other hand is moving up and down his shaft with my signiture handjob move.

He moans in extasy as he has to stop kissing me because of what I am doing to his cock, for a moment he is paralized in pleasure. Then he say to me “I want to fuck you with your toy while you suck my cock.” So I take out my toy and hand it over then I mount D 69 style and he starts fucking me with it while I am sucking his cock. He has the vibration on full blast and he is working it in and out of my pussy, my ass in the air I have to stop sucking for a few minutes to release my own sqeal of pleasure.

Ok so I swing my ass around to face the other direction and I look into his eyes as the cock enters me from behind, He grabs my head and starts to move it up and down with the motion of the fucking. I can feel it I am almost ready to cum, my toes start to tingle I can feel the surge of energy prepairing it’s self to surge out of my body in waves of orgasmic pleasure.

“Look at me, look into my eyes I want to see you cum.”

And with those word I started to shake and cum all over the fake cock, looking D right in the eyes the entire time.

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