Outcall confessional #2

September 8, 2006 at 12:19 am (Great Sex, Just one)

So my cable is still not hooked up, the only option for entertaining myself is porn. Which is great, I love to watch it and I love getting off so it’s the perfect entertainment option. I recently signed up for a great porn service offered by SugarDVD.com it’s a porn rental, think net flicks. The most recent of my DVD’s I got was called Outcall Confessional #2, it started some fantastically beautiful women which makes it all worth the rental and I got off three times with during the first two scenes which needless to say is were I stopped. So delightfully I have more new porn to watch when I get done working out tonight!

After dinner, I shut up all the windows and closed the blinds I got out my collection of toys because you never know how you want to be stimulated and I put in the new porn. The opening scene is just talking so it started off a little slow, setting a plot. I like plot and it was interesting although a little far fetched, female lawyer starts escort business but it still has one. Then it starts introducing the clients, the first one is a guy who likes to call the two hot girls in the scene whores. One of the girls is a very hot brunette with some decent fake tits and a tight body. The other girl is a gorgeous blond with a little bit of weight on her but a fantastic set of real tits. This scene got me hot almost right away with the dirty name calling and the hair pulling, I was thinking this is right up my ally I can feel my pussy start to get juicy. Then something really cool happens this guy in the porn picks the brunette up and starts eating her pussy while standing up and getting head from the hot blond, I thought it was really cool. While watching this beautiful blond take it with her fantastic breast bouncing around, and her eating the puss of the other girl I could stand it any more and grabbed my green eager beaver and turned it on full blast, while laying on my stomach with my ass in the air I started pumping it in and out of my dripping wet cunt. I was rubbing and playing with my nipple and in less than a minute my entire body was shaking with orgasmic spasms.

So after that fantastic orgasm, I decide to keep watching for awhile I put my beaver to the side and grab one of my trusty bullets. The next scenes comes on and it’s this really pretty bleach blond and this kind of chubby guy, and after some more short dialog explaining about this particular client he bends her over and starts licking her pussy. Standard so far, it kind of follows the basic method 1. pussy eating 2. cock sucking 3. fucking however this is were it starts to get interesting she gets on top of his cock and then out of the blue she has a REAL like it really happened orgasm. I automatically get off, watching her bucking and riding on top of his cock being able to see her shaking from her own orgasm puts me right over the edge. So now within 10 minutes I have now had two great orgasms.

I start to think I am on a roll; let’s just see how much I can take? I keep pressing the bullet on my throbbing clit, and the guy from the porn starts fucking this pretty blond in the ass!

Guess what happens next . . . oh yes she has another orgasm and so do I, but this time it’s like earth shattering I can’t control the level of my moans or the spasms in my legs. All I can think about is how much better would this be if Lab assistant D was fucking me doggy style while I was watching this awesome porn.

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