The First of Many

September 2, 2006 at 12:31 am (Great Sex)

So after a fantastic night of drinking and flirting, I find myself in a car by one of my favorite lakes in the area with an amazing man. It’s cold outside so we are standing close to each other looking at the stars over the partially frozen lake. Then I look up into his eyes, I can see the hesitation but I can also see the need. He wants to kiss me but he hesitates. So I lean upward and kiss him, how could I not it was most defiantly the most romantic moment I had ever experienced. The kiss was long and hard it was one of those kisses like in the movies, when you know that both of you have been holding in the need for each other for way too long.

Shortly we find ourselves in his small car making out, and so I lean over and pull out his rock hard cock. I go down on him all the way taking the full thing deep into my throat, and then I start working it up and down back and forth pumping it with my hand and licking it from base to tip.

He pulls me away from my fun with his cock and starts to take off my pants while exposing my breast to the cold air coming through the car windows, and then he makes me lay on my back and starts licking my dripping wet pussy. He licks up all my juices and starts playing with my clit, it was such an amazing feeling. After about ten minutes of that I couldn’t stand it any longer I needed to feel his rock hard cock inside my pussy, so I climbed on top of him and started ridding his cock. There was no going slowly at this point, I hadn’t had sex in months and I needed to fuck. He however took the dominate role and grabbed me by the nipples and forced me to slow down directing me by the firm almost hurtful grasp on my nipples. The pain made the fucking all the better, even though it was our first time together it was at though he knew I needed him to dominate me and make me do exactly what he wanted. Then he opened the car door letting a rush of cold night air in the car. He made me get out of the car, there I stand outside and naked for the whole world to see, my own juices dripping down my legs and he gets behind me and bends me over to my front is inside the car. He takes me from behind grabbing my hair and pulling it back so he can see my face. He stands their and uses his grip on my hair to pull me onto and off of his cock rocking us back and forth, we move fast and fast with his grip and my hair getting tighter and tighter. Finally he pulls out and cums all over my ass. Then pulls me up so I am standing next to him once again completely naked in the cold air and he kisses me, another beautiful passionate kiss.

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