What happens in The Lab

August 31, 2006 at 10:51 pm (Great Sex)

Last night I had my friend KT and her boyfriend Ryan over for a porn and vacuuming party, it was fun we all had some drinks and watched some decent porn and two really really bad porn. So around 12:30 I sent everyone on their way and called it a night. Grabbed the sleepy puppy and headed to be, alas I fell asleep quickly and woke up around 5:30ish needing a glass of water desperately! So I just laid there and stared at the ceiling trying to get back to sleep without my water, as I started to doze off I heard a noise. Oh god! It was someone fucking with my front door. I start thinking to myself “shit, I’m naked and I am going to have to shank someone in the nude, Fuck, Fuck” the noise stops. ” Are they in?” by this time I am out of bed and have my nifty emergency window breaking tool to beat them in the head with and stab their eyes. Then a new noise, someone tripped over the box kept by the front door, and I hear “honey it’s me I brought you breakfast.” As I take a deep breath I think wow I have the sweetest boyfriend in the entire world.Considering it was now 6 am, a time I would rather be going to bed than getting up from bed, he got naked and got in bed with me. We cuddled for a minute but neither of us can we naked in a bed together without have to get down. So we start kissing each other, and he rolls on top of me and starts licking and sucking on my neck and ears in this way that only he knows how to. Which almost automatically makes me moan and start to get wet, he moves down and starts to lick and nibble on my nipples. I love it when my breast are played with, bitten, nibbled on, licked, sucked, or grabbed in general. With his naked body rubbing up against mine this entire time I was ready. I was juicy and wet, and ready to be fucked.

As he entered my I felt a rush of relief run from my pussy to my head, and I let out an automatic moan of delight, his cock felt so good inside my pussy I just wanted more and more.

He started fucking me slowly pushing his cock deep inside of me and pulling it out and then deep inside my dripping wet pussy again, leaning forward in just the right way so as to press himself against my clit and working me up to a fantastic impending orgasm. As he starts to move faster and faster he is getting so close. He is now groaning and moaning, he makes lots of noises and the closer he gets the closer I get, I love to watch him get off, his body convulsions and starts to shake as I start to cum and I feel my wet pussy tighten on his throbbing cock we both cum in unison it’s amazing.

Finally we fall asleep, but really that only lasted about an hour. When I awoke to find him fingering my still wet pussy from behind, what a fantastic way to wake up. So I roll over on my stomach and arched my back to my luscious ass was up in the air and ready to take it from behind. He kneeled behind me, my legs in between his and entered me from behind. It was instant gratification, by that point my pussy was begging to be fucked. Yet he took it slow and then he reached around my hips and put his finger on my throbbing clit. He pressed his cock deep inside me and started pushing me in a circle motion while rubbing my clit and with in minutes I was cumming all over his cock, my pussy tightened up and then he started fucking me. He grabbed my hair pushed my face into the pillow and gave me a good dirty girl style fucking.

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